Saturday, March 28, 2009

April 18th Girls only


Be Yr Own Hero said...

Hey! Would you guys be down with posting about Hero Fest 2009?

The 3rd Annual Be Yr Own Hero Festival (Hero Fest) will be taking place at the Soapbox in Wilmington, North Carolina September 5-6th 2009. Submissions for workshops, info sessions, skill shares, and musicians are currently being accepted until June 19th, 2009. Volunteers are also needed to help out during the event.

Please see the form at ( to submit your workshop idea, skillshare, art or music. We welcome all subjects and we encourage all people to apply.

images can be found here:

Dan Nelson said...

hillbilly said...

How does a Richmond exile living in Brooklyn get his hands on one of those sweet RVA caps?

Brody said...

Virginia=vagina. What a joke!!!