Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yeah!!! Sag Air Force 1 X-Hectic

I got this bag a couple weeks ago and just haven't posted it yet.  It's pretty tight, holds a lot of shit and to my surprise has my two favorite colors, Red and Celeste.  Thanks to Tyler and Michelle at Super Champion in Vancouver, BC for the bag.

I've been slacking but it will all end now

Attn. RVA riders.  Yet another bike has been stolen.  Logan Okal got his greyish/black Surly Steamroller taken from a house on Allen last night.  That bike was everything that he loved in life.  If you happen to see anyone riding it around or trying to sell it please get in contact with him.  His email is or call him at (703) 785-1661.  You can also e-mail me or call me if you have my number.

On that note everyone has to start to lock up their bikes the right way.  There are a lot of shitty people in Richmond right now trying to make a buck off of the "fixed gear frenzy".  Really until the fad goes away fixed gear bikes are going to be a hot commodity.  If you see someone who doesn't look like they belong on a fixed gear i.e. homeless person, bum, ghetto kid/adult stop them and just ask where they got the bike.  Most times they will not want to get the cops involved or feel guilty and will give the bike to you on the spot.  You can post a description on craigslist, myspace or local bike shops and get the bike back to the rightful owner.  Just a little thought coming out of my head after realizing how many stolen bike posts I have encountered in Richmond over the past few months. 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Attn. RVA: Andrew Sauser Stole Dan Carr's bikes!

This guy, Andrew Sauser (, is the guy that stole Dan Carr's bikes, some fuck of a kid that went to the Governor's School and lives at the Eagle Lofts, apartment 114. I'm assuming he's going to VCU or hangs out around the area. 

Dan was able to get three of his bikes back, but yeah fuck this guy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Someone want to get me a late Christmas present?

So if you are interested in getting me a little something just to say thank you for the years that I have been the ultimate friend this would do it. 

Something for the RVA smokers

See smokes and track bikes go together like skinny scene kids and $75 t-shirts.

Bootleg Sessions Premier Tonight

That's right RVA's little own video premier of Bootleg Sessions is tonight.  Nothing fancy just some people, beers and good times.  The film starts at 8p.m. sharp.  There is limited space so come early.  

Where: On Mulberry at Kyle's house
When: 8 p.m. sharp
Also we will be playing Mash afterwards in case any of you underage kids missed it at Empire last month. 

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sag Bags & Shop Gentei

I received an e-mail earlier today from Shop Gentei about the Kalavinka, Airforce 1 and other Sag Bags.  They will be personally making a trip to Japan in late January/early February to pick up these bags.  If you are interested you better e-mail them as soon as you can.  There is a lengthly waiting list for all Sag Bags seeing as they are one of only a couple shops in the U.S. that carry them.   In the mean time check out the other schwag that they have in their Baltimore, MD shop.

A reason to take a dump in your $200 scenster pants

Yep Sag teamed up with Kalavinka to produce this sweet bag.  You can drool over it more here
or buy it here if you e-mail them and ask them real nice like.

New MENTOS commercials?

I didn't know that fruit boots were more efficient than bicycles on the mean streets of wherever.

Bootleg Sessions out now!

Get the DVD here

Thursday, January 3, 2008

RVA Bike Polo

They like bikes, brunch and smacking around tiny balls.  Check em out in the links section.

Sage Brown Caps

Check em out in the links section

Vans Vault 2007

You can still catch these on eBay or special order through Need Supply Co. in Carytown