Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New front chainring?

Maybe for the Spring/Summer Sprint Series put on by GFS if it happens this year.

If you find one of these.....

You should probably give it to me.

Awesome commercial

If you ride a bike or know anyone who does you have to take this test.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And if you can't make it to the Ides race here...

Hit up this race in D.C.  It's called the Darkside Alleycat.  Either way all of you within D.C./Virginia should be racing this Saturday.

RVA Bike Polo

Some RVA action for ya'll.  Look for more vids soon.

Old vids

Last years Grundle Rumble start.  This years will be on May 3rd.  More info to come.

It's the time of year again

The annual Ides of March Alleycat.  This is the longest running alleycat on the east coast.  I have heard that you NEED a sweet team name but that should be a given anyways.  Also don't come up to just be hang around and be a dick.  Come out to race and win.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Radio War 7" out now!!

Sick of the emo/dance/electronic pussy crap out there? Your hair not long enough to listen to epic metal? Hate the radio but still like to understand the lyrics to the song? Well then this group is for you. Listen to them once, it won't fucking kill you.

Fucking Jerks!

This is kinda old news but........If you haven't checked out these Jerks you either:

A. Don't like Denver, CO
B. Don't like sweet weekly videos for messengers by messengers
C. Are a complete moron and don't know your elbow from your asshole.

Whatever your answer is I feel sorry for you so check out these guys.

The Cutthroats Present......


This year Slaughterama will be 4 FOUR 4 Whole days with preregistration starting via the internet and in person at the byrd theater. We will also have a survival packet benefitting Slaughterama partying costs $7.00 gets you a t-shirt, a slap koozie, stickers, posters and the zine...while they last! (stickers and zines may be acquired for free throughout the event as well

March 27, 7 pm tall bike ride sponsored by MFG - a point to point alley cat style for fun tall bike race....prizes? 12 pm Midnight Movie @ the Byrd theater Pornography of the bicycle. this is being brought to us than none other than The Reverend Phil....his Christology...the drink specials at the new york deli for all of us who can't sit through a movie with out a shot and a beer!

March 28 Scavenger hunt/ alley cat staring at 3pm....GET OFF WORK!....this will end at a super awesome show...Matt&Kim, Show Me the Pink, read and the Cutthtroat cover band FREE COCAINE! Plus the grudge match Boxing party. Cutthroats VS Middle Fingers Galore at the SLUG-O-RAMA! watch the cutthroats disgrace MFG one more time! this will be at an undisclosed location...gotta scavenge to find out! NO GLASS!

March 29 the day we are all waiting for EVIL FOOL'S DAY CYCLE SLAUGHTERAMA 5, we have new events and a shit ton of new bike clubs representing! This year there is an elimination basis for the events so get in good and stay in or you'll just have to party for the rest of the day! As always we will have jousting, chariots, six pack attack, whiplash....then a few new events...the last event will be the piggy build your club a bike that can fit everyone, the bike with the most people wins. the sound system this year will be all boomboxes so bring your ghetto blaster and we'll have the transmitter! NO GLASS! After the event there will be a show @ the canal club where he weiners will be awarded $5.00 entry with spoke card! Pedals on our pirate ships, Mar Lind, Antlers & East City Rivals.

March 30 The PUT UP OR SHUT UP Polo Tournament... a $20.00 buy in winners takes all plus bragging rights polo tournament. we really want to see out of towners in this! let's make it happen. if you don't want to play come hang out relax and support your faves!

All locations will be disclosed in the event flier that will start circulating Thursday...We can't wait to see all of our friends! Let's make this one the best ever...i know we will
Love, the Cutthroats
p.s. NO GLASS!

If you are not there for this shit and live within a 200 mile radius I will not forgive you, EVER!

Monster Track 2008

Listen up! Read below!

The organizers of Monster Track 2008 have decided, after careful consideration, to cancel this year’s main race.

This decision did not come easy and was debated at length. Our reasons are many but the overall factor was that the race has become unmanageable due to the large participation and our concern for the participant’s safety.

As many of you know, Monster Track started as a race held for a small, close group of NYC bike messengers. It has now become an overwhelmingly all-inclusive event. This, on its face, may seem like a positive direction for a race but in the context of a solely track bike alleycat it brings many problems. First and foremost, the safety of the racers is compromised. We believe that this is not a tenable position for race organizers.

Although the main race is canceled, please join us for Gold Sprints on Friday evening, Fixed Gear Competition (track stands, skids, footdown, freestyle, sprints, etc.) on Saturday and the Velo City Tour, at Kissena Velodrome on Sunday.

Schedule of Events:

Friday March 7, 8PM
Goldsprints at Third Ward
195 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn

Saturday March 8, 1PM Injured messenger fundraiser
Hosted by King Kog
SPRINTS, Skids, Freestyle, Stands, Footdown!
Rocky’s South 5th St. at Kent Ave. Brooklyn

Sunday March 9, 12PM
Velo City Track Competition at Kissena Velodrome
Booth Memorial Ave near Kissena Blvd. Queens